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Protective Shipping Box for FNBO Chocolate Boxes

Protective Shipping Box for FNBO Chocolate Boxes

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*** These are for FNBO branches only! ***

Do you want to ship a box to one of your clients? These protective shipping boxes are a great way to protect your individual boxes if you plan to ship a box to a client.  They can be put into the USPS Medium Flat Rate Envelope, or you can tape them shut and put a mailing label on them. 

NOTE: Due to low staffing, we are unable to offer shipping of this item during the holidays, but we will sell you the shipping box (at cost) so you can ship it yourself.  Please order however many protective boxes you will need and we will provide them so you can ship from your branch.

*These proprietary boxes are solely offered to the employees/managers of FNBO bank branches.  Any orders originating from outside of First National Bank of Omaha will not be honored an will be refunded the next business day.