Our website is being re-vamped in the fall of 2019! We are very excited for this change and we hope you'll return this fall to check out our new website with online ordering.  Thank you!

Tom and Sharon Smith and their son Todd have made a full line of chocolates since 1982. Besides creams, clusters, toffee and caramels, we also make hard to find pieces including divinity, chocolate dipped ginger, sponge candy (seasonally) and sugar free chocolate clusters (made with real chocolate). Our batches are small and much of the work is done the old fashioned way: by hand. 

In January 2012, Tom and Sharon retired and their son, Todd, along with his wife, Betsy, took over in a very smooth transition (thanks to Tom and Sharon answering their phones whenever we'd call with a question... which was often!).  Todd has been running the Sycamore location since it opened in 1994 and is stepping up his responsibilities by managing both stores and making candy full-time.  Betsy is presently learning to navigate the chocolate-y world and is working on the website, learning how to run a business and how to perfect the recipes that have remained constant throughout the years.  Don't worry... we aren't planning to change a single recipe.  We intend to honor the years of hard work that Tom and Sharon have put into perfecting their recipes by sticking to their methods and following their recipes precisely.  The only change we're planning is to optimize our web presence.  We hope to grow and include an online shopping cart to better serve our out-of-town customers.  We're not sure when it will be up and running, but it is definitely in the works!  In the meantime, please feel free to call us with your order for pick-up or shipment.

Thank you for continuing to support our family business!  We welcome your comments and suggestions.